Oct .2010 I was just promoted to Lead Studio Artist for Rigging and Rigging Basics at FullSail.

June 2010 I am working on some new scripts and will be adding a scripts and tutorials tab soon.

May 2010 I finished my completers program at FullSail for my Bachelors of Arts degree.

July 7,2007 I just added some clips of a few of the projects I have been working on in the WIP section.

April 3,2007 I just completed my rigging internship at Fullsail. I am now doing an animation internship to help complement my rigging skills.

Jan 3,2007  I have been working on a few side projects and will post some deformation tests soon. 

Dec 18,2006 I just got accepted to do an intership at Fullsail.  I will be making some new rigs for our animation department.

Dec 10,2006 I finally added my demo reel to the site.  Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

Nov 18,2006  Just graduated from school at Full Sail.